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External Mail

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail should be released for franking by the School or Division throughout the working day and not held back in offices for the final pick up ~ this practice floods the Post Room, leaving the Post Porters with insufficient time to cope with large quantities of outgoing mail before Royal mail collects at 4.30pm.

Users should note that Royal Mail charge by size and weight, the main letter types are:

  • Standard letter - up to C5 envelope size, less than 5 mm thick and weighing no more than 100g
  • Large letter - up to C4 envelope size, less than 25 mm thick, weighing no more than 750g
  • Small parcel - anything larger than a large letter is idered to be either a small or large parcel, which are priced in accordance with size and weight

The cost of a ‘standard letter’ is approximately 20% less than a comparable weight ‘large letter’. Consequently savings of up to 20% can be made simply by folding A4 sheets of paper in half and inserting these into a C5 envelope, instead of sending the unfolded contents in the C4 envelope.

Similarly, we note that there are often items sent by small parcel, just because the chosen envelope or packaging exceeds the 'large letter' specifications.  However, if the same contents were folded or packaged differently, it is likely that the item could be sent as a 'standard' or 'large letter', saving considerably on the postage costs.

All outgoing mail is sent 2nd class, unless an alternative service is specifically requested. All mail should be clearly marked showing the School or Division to be recharged.

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Mail Shots

Schools & Divisions may make use of a large capacity folding/inserting machine to assist in preparing mail shots prior to posting. This machine will fold, insert, seal and finalise mailshots ready for franking. Use of this machine is by prior arrangement only.

If you have a mail shot and wish to utilise the folding/inserting facility, please contact the Post Room via the details to the right.

Mailshots can be picked up and transported to the post room, by prior arrangement only. If you wish use this service please contact the Portering Coordinator. (

All mail shots need to be sorted as follows:-

  • UK inland
  • International

It also important that any mail to internal mail addressees, including residences sites are kept separate.

All mail shots that are dated by the School or Division for survey purposes should be dated for the day of dispatch to the Post Room and not the day that the envelope is filled.  For example, after the 12.30pm pick up by the Portering team on a Friday, the date stamp needs to be changed to the following Monday.

Mail shots should be packed and transported in boxes. Envelopes put in sacks are likely to crease and these will clog the franking machine. If boxes are not available, then the Portering team will supply these on request.

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Parcels sent via the post room

All parcels sent must be accompanied with details of the service that is required. If you are unsure of this, please contact the mail room so that they can provide you with details of services provided as well associated costs. The latest time for parcels to be dispatched via the post room is 2.45pm.

If you would like further information in regards to international restrictions, including customs declarations and documentation, please contact the Post Room staff.

Items such as merchandise, books, equipment or machine parts for addressees outside the E.U. must be accompanied by a commercial invoice (in triplicate for Parcelforce or quadruplicate for DHL) stating:

  • Details of sender
  • Details of recipient
  • Details and description of each item, weight and value
  • Gross weight and value of parcel

These details should be "enveloped" and attached to the parcel for customs purposes. This is in addition to the normal travel documents required by the various parcel carrying companies.

Please note other carriers have different document requirements that must be checked prior to dispatch.

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Incoming Mail

Each morning incoming mail is delivered to Schools and Divisions at the earliest opportunity.

NB: The delivery of incoming mail is reliant on all correspondence using the correct delivery addresses and postcodes in all outgoing literature. Even if you haven’t moved buildings recently, please ensure that all letterheads and brochures use the correct (up to date) address and postcode.


  • The following are the only PO Box numbers used by the University.
PO Box NoSchool/DivisionPostcode