The Cardiff Rare Books Collection, an archive of 14,000 rare and antique volumes, is just one reason why we compete in the world league of humanities research. Some of the books date back to the 15th Century and are yielding fascinating insights to historians and literature scholars alike.

Understanding the Cultural World

The collection reflects our wider strength in all aspects of cultural life. One of our experts has been called on to review the future of the digital industries by both the Welsh and UK Government. We are also recognised as an authority on the UK media and our research is often quoted in debate on the industry's conduct and future.

Cardiff's cultural research also plays an important role in people's understanding of the many communities they belong to. The Cardiff Centre for Welsh-American Studies, for example, is a focal point for the growing number of international academics with an interest in Welsh culture, society and language in the Americas. The Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK is a unique initiative for the study of Britain's second largest religion.

Our research expertise with language and linguistics is increasingly called upon by a wide number of bodies for a variety of practical purposes. Examples include the development of Home Office policy on communication between police and prisoners, and an international study analysing elderly people's language as a possible warning sign for dementia.

The University has jointly won substantial arts and humanities funding to support postgraduate study into our cultural world. The South, West and Wales Consortium has been awarded £14.2 million funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to deliver postgraduate supervision, training and skills development from 2014.

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