From insights into distant galaxies, to medical advances and from a major translation of The Mabinogion to amazing archaeological discoveries: welcome to a world-leading research community at Cardiff.
Cardiff is a member of the UK’s “Ivy League” of Russell Group research intensive universities.

Our strong and broad disciplinary research base enables Cardiff to combine our expertise to tackle the big issues of today and tomorrow through multi-disciplinary research.

The creation of our major Research Institutes illustrates our determination to pursue new scientific approaches to some of the world’s most pressing concerns – in tackling cancer; understanding mental illness; ensuring life-saving catalysts work more efficiently with a less damage to the environment and meeting the challenge of creating a sustainable future for communities across the world.  The University Research Institutes encompass:

Research breakthroughs in areas such as Alzheimer’s disease; breast cancer; safer nuclear waste disposal; school food reform or the tales of The Mabinogion continue to enhance our worldwide reputation for excellence.

Cardiff research develops knowledge and understanding which, in collaboration with a wide range of partners, is applied to produce real benefits locally and worldwide.

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