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Examination - Frequently Asked Questions


Before the exam

Check which venue your exam is being held in and your travel arrangements. Please note that if you have exams in the All Nations Centre (NCH/NCM/WR on your timetable) that this is not a University building and is not located in Cathays Park.

On the day of the exam

You should bring a watch to all exams.  You must bring your Student ID Card with you.

Arrive 20 minutes before the start of the exam and check that your name is on the register in the waiting area.

What happens if I arrive late?

If you arrive late, you will not be given extra time. You will not be allowed to sit the exam if the exam has been in progress for 45 minutes or more.

My name isn’t on the register what should I do?

You must enter the exam room and speak to the Invigilation Supervisor straight away as you could be at the wrong venue!



What does this mean?

When a student tries to gain higher marks in an exam by cheating this is called unfair practice. All students who do this will be reported and investigated, all cheating is taken very seriously and the penalties can be severe.

What is considered cheating?

You are cheating if you: open the question paper or write in your answer book before the exam has started; have notes or electronic devices on you that are not permitted (including mobile phones, or pre-programmable calculators); if you try to talk to other students; or try to continue writing once you have been told to stop.

What can I take into the exam?

You can take a transparent (see-through) pencil case, pens, pencils, rulers and non-programmable calculators. You can also take PERMITTED, DEPARTMENTALLY STAMPED dictionaries (without any notes in them) into exams. You can also have a bottle of non-fizzy drink on your desk. You MUST take your Student ID Card into the exam and leave it face up on your desk.

Where can I put my coat/bag? Can I wear a hat?

These items must be left in the designated area, otherwise you will be asked to remove your hat for inspection by the Invigilator (this does not apply to burkas or niqabs).

What should I do if I’ve brought a mobile phone into the exam?

Ideally, you should not bring valuables into your exam as the University is not liable for them. You must make sure that your phone is switched off and it must be placed in the plastic box provided under your desk (this box is only for storing valuables which should not be accessed during your exam). You will be reported if your mobile phone rings during an exam! YOU CANNOT HAVE YOUR MOBILE PHONE ON YOU IN EXAMS! IF YOU ATTEMPT TO RETRIEVE THE PHONE FROM THE BOX YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED TO HAVE COMMITTED UNFAIR PRACTICE.



What must I do during the exam?

You must remain silent and seated and follow all instructions given to you by Invigilators.

What if I need to use the toilet or want to leave early?

You cannot leave the exam room during the first 60 minutes, or final 30 minutes of the exam unless you are unwell. If you feel unwell, raise your hand and an Invigilator will attend to you.  If you ask to leave the room you may be asked to empty your pockets.