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Academic Integrity

You have all heard the old proverb: cheats never prosper. Everyone, at least once in their life, has been told that "you will only be cheating yourself" if you break the rules.  Yet, at university, cheating does happen.  Unfair practice (as is the professional term) happens in essays, exams and dissertations and it is not tolerated in any shape at Cardiff University.

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Now, you might already be thinking that this does not apply to you. You are probably the sort of person who would not dream of committing an unfair practice.  However, the vast majority of unfair practice is committed without the individual realising they have done anything wrong.  You should however note that your examiners will take action whether the unfair practice was accidental or deliberate.  You will be expected to sign at some point that you understand the regulations on unfair practice.  It is the aim of this leaflet to make sure that you do understand these regulations and that you don't fall foul of the rules.  It will also tell you how to footnote and reference, so by the end of reading this you will have perfect essay and exam technique and will already be well on the way to getting a good degree!

The full text of this guide is available in both Welsh and English from the resources section of this page.