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Step 1: Online Enrolment

Your first step to becoming a student at Cardiff University is to complete Online Enrolment.  You should complete this step as soon as possible once you have been sent your enrolment email.  

How to enrol online

Prior to starting the registration process you will need; your Cardiff University username and password, your contact details and, where relevant, your payment details (bank account, credit/debit card, sponsorship details).

You can access the online enrolment task via SIMS online ( using any computer with internet access: home, work, public library or internet café. Your internet browser should be Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, Firefox or Apache.

The online enrolment task will be available to you approximately three weeks prior to the start date of your programme. It should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete.


You will need to click on the ‘SIMS: On-line login’ link (on the bottom left of the screen) and then enter your Cardiff University username and password. 

Then click on the link ‘Begin Enrolment’.

You should check the information held by the University about you, and update this where required. Your information will be saved as you complete each page, this means that you will not be able to go back and make changes once you have completed each page so please read and check the information carefully.  

Please note the enrolment task will only be available to you for a limited time, and therefore you are advised to complete your enrolment as soon as possible.

Once you have completed enrolment you will be emailed 'Confirmation of  Enrolment' within 24 hours.  The 'Begin Enrolment' button will have disappeared and a new 'Confirmation of Programme of Study' button will appear. If you are required to select optional modules, a link will appear once you have confirmed your programme of study (Some schools may wish you to attend school enrolment/induction events before selecting optional modules, please see your school timetable).

Help and Support

If you need any support completing enrolment, please contact the Enrolment team.

Accessing your Cardiff University email account

As a Cardiff student, a lot of important information will be sent to your University email address throughout your studies.  It is your responsibility to regularly check this email account at least every week. Full details on how to access your Cardiff University email account can be found here


If you leave the University

Each year a small number of students find that they have to leave Cardiff University shortly after completing enrolment.  If you have to withdraw from Cardiff you must tell us immediately.  You will continue to be liable for tuition fees until you confirm your withdrawal with the University.  It is not possible to backdate a withdrawal.  You must use the online student withdrawal facility via to confirm your withdrawal.  You should discuss your intention to withdraw with your personal tutor or supervisor and also a student support officer who will be able to provide advice and support.

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