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Religious Studies Modules

Below are a list of Religious Studies modules available for selection by continuing undergraduate students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Free Standing Modules. (Please note that when you click on the module link, the full module description will open in a new window).

RT1208 - Intermediate Sanskrit Texts (Double) 
RT1211 - Islam in the Contemporary World (Double) 
RT1212 - Jainism (Double)
RT1218 - Exploring Gnosticism (Double)
RT1223 - Indian Philosophy, Indian History (Double)
RT1226 - Understanding Muslim Scriptures (Double)
RT1227 - Buddhism: The First 1000 Years (Double)
RT3205 - New Testament Epistles (Double)
RT3209 - New Testament Greek Texts (Autumn)
RT4205 - Reformation History (Spring)
RT4208 - The Early Church: History and Memory (Double)
RT4209 - Medieval Church in the Latin West (Autumn) 
RT5204 - Beliefs in the Crucible (Double) 
RT5205 - Christian Church Today (Double) 
RT3329 - Jesus the Jew (Double) 
RT1310 - Arabic Texts 1 (Autumn) 
RT1311 - Arabic Texts 2 (Spring) 
RT1328 - Early Hindu Texts in Sanskrit (Double) 
RT1345 - Gender and Sexuality: Islamic Perspectives (Double) 
RT1352 - Life of the Buddha (Double) 
RT4307 - History of Christian Spirituality 150-1550 (Double) 
RT4320 - Understanding Christian Worship (Double) 
RT5315 - Theology on the Edge (Double) 
RT7317 - Christian Social Ethics Today (Double)