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BA students must take the core 20-credit language module ML1104 Contemporary French Language and the core 20-credit module ML6199: Modern France.

Students taking BA Joint Honours French & Maths will take 60 credits in Maths, 40 credits in French plus another 20 credit module (or 2 x 10 credit modules) taught within the School of Modern Languages (staff in French will help find a suitable one) and will not take a third subject.
All students taking BA Joint Honours French and Japanese will take 60 credits in Japanese, 40 credits in French and a further 20 non-language credits taught within the School of Modern Languages and selected from the list published at the end of the Japanese entry in this Guide.

Apart from French degree students, this subject is open to any student enrolled on a degree programme at the University who has a B at A2 Level French or the equivalent grade in an alternative qualification, subject to timetable constraints. The French department reserves the right to consider other applicants at its discretion.
Timetable Group C

French is also open to students with no prior knowledge of the subject, with the module ML1117: FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS.
This 20 credit module runs along two semesters and is intended for students with no or little existing knowledge of French. It is designed to introduce the language in its oral and written from and gives students a basic knowledge of conversational French and an understanding of essential French structures. There is also a 10 credit version of this module: ML1118; French for beginners, which runs for one semester only (semester 1 or 2).

ML1104 - Contemporary French Language
ML6199 - Modern France
ML8100 - Introduction to Translation Methods
ML8101 - Introduction to Theory of Translation
ML6198 - French for Beginners (20 credits)
ML6197 - French for Beginners (10 credits)