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Archaeology A

Only available to BA students and compulsory for BA and BSc Archaeology; students taking the BSc Conservation of Objects in Museums & Archaeology select certain modules.

Students select 4 modules (out of 5) from the Archaeology A list. The five single Archaeology A modules are intended as a general introduction to the study of Archaeology from the earliest period of human origins through to the medieval period. The focus varies from a world scale in HS2100, a Mediterranean and European focus in HS2102, an introduction to Egyptian archaeology in HS2120, and a more specifically British scale in HS2103 and HS2104. Archaeology A is a popular first year subject. No prior knowledge is assumed and most students will not have studied Archaeology before. Students have a choice of HS2100 or HS2120 in the first semester; the other three modules are compulsory making 40 credits in total. Special combinations of Year One modules are available for students enrolled on integrated degrees in History and Archaeology. If you are interested in taking Archaeology as an additional subject and wish to discuss it before enrolment contact the School of History, Archaeology and Religion (tel: 20874470).
There are no special requirements. This is an introduction to Archaeology suitable for those with no prior experience.
Archaeology A: HS2100 or HS2120, and HS2102, HS2103, HS2104.
Intended for both Arts and Science students.
Timetable Group F.

HS2120 - Ancient Egypt
HS2102 - Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World
HS2103 - British Prehistory
HS2100 - Human Origins, Complexity and Civilisation
HS2104 - Post Roman and Medieval Britain