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History Modules

Below are a list of History modules available for selection by continuing undergraduate students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Free Standing Modules. (Please note that when you click on the module link, the full module description will open in a new window).

HS1707 - War, Peace and Diplomacy 
HS1708 - Warfare in the Byzantine World
HS1868 - Class, Protest And Politics: South Wales 1918-39 (Double)
HS1710 - Heresy and Dissent, 1000-1450 
HS1865 - Culture, Society and identity in Wales 1847-1914 (Double)
HS1714 - Poverty and Relief in Medieval Europe
HS1742 - The British Civil Wars and Revolution, c.1638-49
HS1744 - Building the Modern World 
HS1748 - Being Human: Self and Society in Britain from Darwin to the Age of Mass 
HS1749 - Modern European History (Year Two)  
HS1756 - From King Coal to Cool Cymru: Wales, 1939-2000 
HS1760 - North American History (Year Two) 
HS1765 - India and the Raj, 1857-1947 
HS1768 - The Search for an Asian Modern: Japanese History from 1800 to Post-war 
HS1776 - Modern European/Russian History (Year Two) 
HS1787 - Into the Vortex: Britain and the First World War 
HS1793 - Making Empires: Britain and the World, 1541-1714 
HS1799 - Medicine & Modern Society, 1750-1919 
HS1803 - The World of the Anglo-Saxons, c.400-c.1087 
HS1804 - Sexuality and the Social Order in Medieval Europe 
HS1805 - The Military Orders, 1100-1320 
HS1828 - Deviants, Rebels and Witches in Early Modern Britain and Ireland 
HS1829 - Biography and German History from Bismark to Goebbels 
HS1839 - Politics, Economics and Strategy: Britain's European Dilemma, 1951-75 
HS1855 - Race, Sex and Empire:India, 1765-1929 
HS1858 - Glimpses of the Unfamiliar: Travellers to Japan from 1860 to the Post-War Era 
HS1867 - Cymru a'r Rhyfel Mawr, 1880-2014 
HS1872 - Identity and the British State: Wales, 1485-1660 
HS1883 - Modern European/Russian History (Year Three) 
HS1887 - Modern European History (Year Three) 
HS1890 - North American History (Year Three) 
HS1894 - Gender, Power and Subjectivity in Twentieth-Century Britain 
HS1896 - The Dangerous City? Urban Society and Culture, 1800-1914