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Religious Studies Modules

Below are a list of Religious Studies modules available for selection by exchange students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Exchange Modules. (Please note that when you click on the module link, the full module description will open in a new window).

Students interested in these modules should apply directly to Michael Morgan in the School of History, Archaeology and Religion who will check the availability of the modules. 

Modules suitable for students in the Autumn semester only:-

RT1111 - Introduction to the Study of Religion 1
RT4103 - The Story of Christianity
RT1112 - Introduction to the Study of Religion 2
RT1218 - Exploring Gnosticism
RT2103 - Introduction to the Bible
RT1227 - Buddhism: the First 1,000 years
RT1345 - Gender and Sexuality: Islamic Perspectives
RT1352 - The of the Buddha
RT4320 - Understanding Christian Worship
RT4326 - Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy: Bonhoeffer
RT5204 - Beliefs in the Crucible
RT5205 - Christian Church Today: It's Meaning, Life and Mission
RT5315 - Theology on the Edge
RT7317 - Christian Social Ethics Today
RT7342 - Majority World Voices