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Welcome to Cardiff! In order to become a student of the University and begin your studies you must complete enrolment.  You can begin enrolling as soon as you have been sent an e-mail (or letter), usually sent three weeks before your programme begins, asking you to complete online enrolment via SIMS at

Please follow each step of this checklist in order to enrol successfully:

Step 1. Online Enrolment

You must complete online enrolment via SIMS by:

  • Agreeing to be a student at Cardiff University and abide by its regulations
  • Agreeing to the data protection statement  
  • Checking and updating your student record information
  • Paying tuition fees or providing evidence of sponsorship
Step 2. School Enrolment/Induction

You complete School (course) enrolment and induction by:

  • Finding out when and where your school enrolment takes place 
  • Attending your school enrolment/induction events (you may be required to attend prior to selecting any optional modules)
Step 3. Health advice and action required

Your health is important to us, as a new student you must:

  • read the health advice
  • register with a GP (doctor)
Step 4. Collection of Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) - International students only

If you are an International student, who will be studying at Cardiff University on a Tier 4 visa and you have chosen to collect your BRP from the University please note:

  • BRP's will be available for collection at the Students' Union from 2nd September 2015
  • you will be sent an email to inform you of when your BRP is ready for collection
  • you must collect your BRP within 10 days of your arrival in the UK
  • you must bring the required Identification with you to collect your BRP
Step 5. Cardiff University Student Card

All students attending the campus must have a valid Student Card. As a new student you:

  • must collect your Cardiff University Student Card in person
  • must bring the correct identification with you to collect your card
  • should understand that failure to collect your student card will result in a delay of your student loan and will result in you being reported to the United Kingdom Visa Immigration (UKVI) as “non attendance” (where applicable)
  • can apply for a student card by post only if you are pursuing a distance learning course
Step 6. Specific Provision in Assessments or Students with Disabilities

So that we can provide the support necessary, if you have a disability or require specific provision in assessments, you must:

  • read this information
  • Previously, you may have had adjustments such as extra time, or use of a computer or a scribe while sitting exams in school or college. If you require this kind of provision at university, you will need to apply using this form
What else you need to know

In addition to the compulsory steps above, the following enrolment related information may be useful to you:


If you need support completing enrolment, after having read these web pages and the frequently asked questions, then please contact the Enrolment Team.

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