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Quality of Research


Cardiff School of History & Archaeology

Research Assessment Exercise (2008)

Unit of Assessment Staff submitted (FTE) By percentage, research activity in the submission judged to reach quality standard
History (N62) 29.00 4star icon 3star icon 2star icon 1star icon UC
10% 35% 40% 15% 0%

The grading system explained

(Overall quality profile in blocks of 5%)

Research Profile: History

The School’s research profile in History covers a breadth of chronological, geographical and historiographical expertise, ranging from ancient to contemporary history, and has a broad methodological focus that covers Ancient Greece, Rome and their neighbours to Britain, Europe and Asia.

An illuminated page and a civil war cartoon

The School of History and Archaeology’s teaching and research profile encompasses Ancient, Medieval and Modern History

The School’s research expertise in history falls into six broad fields:  Society, Culture and Warfare in the Ancient World; the Medieval History of Britain, Europe and the Middle East; the History of the Crusades; Society, Culture and Politics in Early Modern England and Wales; Social, Cultural and Political History of Wales; and Politics and Culture: Europe and Asia since 1850.  In addition, the School has research clusters that span Ancient and Modern History in: beliefs and social relations; gender and sexuality; warfare; national and international ideologies; identity and ethnicity; art and culture; political power and national identity; social history of medicine; economics; and historical theory and method.

The School has five interdisciplinary research centres collaborating with colleagues in other schools at Cardiff in late antique religion and culture; the crusades; medieval society and culture; modern German history, and Welsh and American Studies, which attract leading scholars from universities in Britain and abroad.  Historians at Cardiff have fostered links with a range of universities, research institutions, and museums in Wales, England, the United States, Australia, Japan and Europe, and are frequent contributors to history programmes on radio and television.

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