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Quality of Research

Cardiff School of European Studies

Research Assessment Exercise (2008)

Unit of Assessment Staff submitted (FTE) By percentage, research activity in the submission judged to reach quality standard
European Studies (L50) 33.40 4star icon 3star icon 2star icon 1star icon UC
15% 30% 35% 20% 0%

The grading system explained

(Overall quality profile in blocks of 5%)

Research Profile

European Studies
InstitutionResearch Power
University of Portsmouth 92.16  
Cardiff University 80.16  
University of Bath 79.20  
University of Surrey 63.84  
Aston University 61.24  
University of Southampton 60.95  
Manchester Metropolitan University 58.32  
University of Salford 56.80  
University of Birmingham 46.70  
London School of Economics and Political Science 42.28  

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The School of European Studies is a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence and one of the largest Schools of its type in the UK. It has achieved international excellence in the comparative research of European cultures, history, politics, policy and political ideas.

Research in the School is focused in three areas covering Histories, Memories and Fictions of Europe; Political Theory and European Governance; Identity and Public Policy. The School also has five designated research centres which focus on Welsh Governance, British Idealism, European Film & Visual Cultures, Ideology Critique and Modern German History. 

The School offers a strong, vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment within which to pursue postgraduate research, underpinned by a dynamic and forward-looking research ethos. Postgraduate researchers hold a monthly Research in Progress seminar to discuss issues relating to their work, and the School also provides teaching opportunities to support the development of its postgraduate researchers as future academics. The School of European Studies holds recognition in both Politics and Area Studies from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) for its 1+3 doctoral awards programme.

European flags

Research projects range from the study of the European Union, public policy, devolution and political change, politics, poetry and protest in the songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen to European Cinema, Cultural memory and Terrorism.

Research projects range from the study of the European Union, public policy, devolution and political change, politics, poetry and protest in the songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen to mobility and migration in European culture and the Cultural memory of terrorism. Research income includes grants from Anglo-German Foundation, The British Academy, European Commission, AHRC, ESRC, Leverhulme Trust, Nuffield Foundation and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

The School publishes three journals: New Readings, research papers on the themes of European languages, literatures and critical theory; Collingwood and British Idealism Studies; and Tesserae, the leading journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies in Britain.

Future research activity will focus on key areas of current research interests, including Europe and the Wider World. This research will also cover the politics of differentiated integration, particularism, universalism and questions of cultural identity and difference

The School benefits from research collaboration with other universities in Europe, North America and Australasia. These include work with Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris with specific research on trade unions and European integration and the University of Miami on the representation of the divided self in Cuban and Cuban-American film and literature. The School has two Fellows of the British Academy, one Academician of the Social Sciences and five Fellows of the Royal Historical Society.

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