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Quality of Research


Cardiff School of English, Communication and Philosophy

Research Assessment Exercise (2008)

Unit of Assessment Staff submitted (FTE) By percentage, research activity in the submission judged to reach quality standard
Philosophy (N60) 8.00 4star icon 3star icon 2star icon 1star icon UC
5% 25% 60% 10% 0%

The grading system explained

(Overall quality profile in blocks of 5%)

Research Profile: Philosophy

Work in Philosophy at Cardiff University is focused on two main areas:

The distinctive character of our research in these areas derives from the inclusion, in the first, of work developed within and across both the English language analytic tradition and the European continental tradition. Meanwhile, in the second, there is a focus on the theoretical underpinnings in ethics, social and political philosophy, environmental philosophy, the philosophy of medicine, and the medical humanities.

Painting by Giorgione

'Three Philosophers' (by Giorgione)

The Philosophy Research Group is the base for the Centre for Applied Ethics (CAE), with a membership spanning the Schools of Law, Medicine, and Pharmacy. Members of the Group include the Director of the interdisciplinary Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (CESAgen), which is run from Cardiff and works in collaboration with Lancaster University.  Collaboration between CESAgen and CAE involves philosophers and social scientists working closely with geneticists to address social, political and policy aspects of new developments in genomics.

The Philosophy Research Group is also engaged in a collaborative project with the University of Hull to develop an international research network in the philosophy of mind, with a distinctive focus on accounts of the mind as embedded, embodied, enactive, and extended.

Some thirty postgraduate students work on the areas above as well as on a range of other individual topics and projects that add an important dimension to the work in Philosophy at Cardiff and form an integral part of its research culture.

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