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Quality of Research

Cardiff Business School

Research Assessment Exercise (2008)

Unit of Assessment Staff submitted (FTE) By percentage, research activity in the submission judged to reach quality standard
Business and Management Studies (I36) 114.85 4star icon 3star icon 2star icon 1star icon UC
35% 35% 25% 5% 0%

The grading system explained

(Overall quality profile in blocks of 5%)

Research Profile

Business and Management Studies
InstitutionGrade Point Average
London Business School 3.35  
Imperial College London 3.20  
University of Cambridge 3.05  
Cardiff University 3.00  
University of Warwick 2.95  
Lancaster University 2.95  
London School of Economics and Political Science 2.95  
University of Bath 2.95  
University of Oxford 2.95  
King's College London 2.95  

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As an established centre of international excellence in business and management research, Cardiff Business School focuses on the creation and dissemination of leading-edge expertise which is relevant to the leadership and management of both public and private sector organisations.

Our School has a strong, interdisciplinary research culture, created and maintained through the recruitment and development of highly talented research faculty and students. Since 2001, the School has appointed and developed 31 early career researchers in targeted areas of future academic growth, almost all of whom are already publishing in international journals and securing research grant funding from Research Councils and other leading research funding bodies.

Members of the faculty at Cardiff Business School

Faculty of Cardiff Business School have an international reputation for their research.

It has secured the highest number of PhD quota awards (14) of any UK business and management school in the 2005 the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Recognition Exercise, an indication of the strength of its PhD programme. The School awarded 138 doctorates over the assessment period, contributing to the future of academic success in the UK and beyond.

The School’s research strengths lie across the full portfolio of business and management studies, producing more than 550 research publications each year in the full range of leading international business and management studies journals in the U.S., Europe and Australia/Asia.

It also has an impressive record of attracting research income, which more than tripled between 2001 and 2007.

Its commitment to interdisciplinary research, which is evident across its many research groups, includes two large-scale interdisciplinary research centres which it jointly hosts with other Cardiff-based Schools: the Centre for Business Relationships Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS) and Cardiff University Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (CUIMRC).

Looking to its future, the School aims to build upon its reputation for independent, rigorous and relevant scholarship, creating knowledge of academic distinction and sharing its expertise through research-led teaching and engagement.

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