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Why Commercialise Intellectual Property (IP)?

Although Cardiff University owns any intellectual property rights (IP) generated under its auspices the University operates a revenue sharing agreement with inventors and their school/department with regard to any income generated from the commercial exploitation of their IP.  Additionally, the commercial application of IP appreciated by the market can have a very positive impact on the reputation of the inventor, school/department and the University. This can result in further collaborations and funding opportunities. A few points to note:

  • Owning an intellectual property right does not ensure that it is commercially valuable.
  • It is useful to be aware of competitors' intellectual property rights so that unwitting infringement does not occur.
  • Intellectual property databases exist and can be searched to provide information and inspiration (e.g.
  • Intellectual property rights are not just for scientists or engineers.

If you have any questions regarding intellectual property or intellectual property rights or think you have generated intellectual property which could be commercially valuable and susceptible to protection by intellectual property rights then please contact the Technology Transfer Group.