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4 - Route to Commercialisation

A preliminary strategy for the commercial exploitation of the intellectual property, which may include proposals for raising research and development funding, will be prepared by a member of the Technology Transfer Group in consultation with the inventor(s). The strategy will be based on the initial project evaluation, including a prior art search of patent literature, an assessment of the market and any competing technology and a search for potential licensee(s). On completion of the evaluation a commercial exploitation strategy will be recommended which could be in the form of:


The Technology Transfer Officer and academic inventor(s) will meet regularly  to review progress and reassess the commercialisation strategy.  The Technology Transfer Group may propose amendments to the commercial strategies presented or an alternative approach to those already in place where commercial progress is deemed insufficient. 

UC3 will act as the commercial arm of the University and commercial arrangements for the exploitation of intellectual property rights will, usually, be concluded with UC3.

The University also operates a Commercial Advisory Panel which can advise on specific projects and commercial strategies as appropriate.