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2 - Assessment & Evaluation of Technology

Upon receiving a signed copy of the TDF from the academic members of staff, evaluation of the project will be carried out by a member of the Technology Transfer Group assigned to the project. In order for the evaluation to be carried out successfully the Technology Transfer Officer will:

  • search various types of prior art and state of the art
  • consult with patent agents and professional technology transfer organisations
  • consult with legal advisors and market researchers
  • identify potential industrial partners

For a project to be taken forward, it must be demonstrated to be novel, inventive and commercially relevant. Analysis of the intellectual property will reveal whether protection is required at the present time or whether it should be sought at a later stage of the project. Notification of the decision will then be given to the academic member of staff by the relevant officer.  Projects which, following evaluation, are deemed inappropriate for intellectual property protection or commercial exploitation at the time of disclosure, but which represent opportunities for attracting external research funding will be referred to the Assistant Director Research Development .

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