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Research Governance at Cardiff University

As a research intensive institution, Cardiff University is committed to promoting and upholding research of the highest quality and ethical standards, while supporting the achievement of its collective research objectives. In order to maintain this commitment, the University has developed its own Research Governance Framework (RGF) which sets out the University's expectations for research conducted by its community of staff and students. 

What does the RGF cover?

The RGF sets out the University's expectations for research conduct and covers the following topics:

  • Principles in research
  • Standards for research
  • Research ethics requirements
  • Clinical research
  • Legal agreements & intellectual property
  • Professional integrity in research

To whom does it apply?

The RGF applies to all subject areas and to all members of staff and students that are involved in research at the University, including its staff and students conducting research outside the University as well as any persons not employed by the University but with permission to carry out research at the University. As the RGF outlines Cardiff's expectations for research conduct all researchers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this framework. 

Why is a CU specific RGF needed?

As an internationally recognised research institution, Cardiff University must maintain the excellent reputation of its community of researchers and scholars for the benefit of all. The RGF aims to achieve this by encouraging good conduct in research, helping to meet legal and ethical requirements of research and to help prevent misconduct. 

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