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Costing and Pricing

Appropriate Costing and Pricing of research or services projects is very important to any application.  If a project is incorrectly costed, this could result in a financial shortfall which may result in the host School and therefore the University bearing the cost.  RACDV can provide accurate costing for projects by the completion of a Costing and Pricing Form.

The Costing and Pricing Form (CAP)

The CAP form comprises a number of pages which will be partially completed by staff in the RACDV Grants Office.  To obtain a CAP form you will need to contact the Pre-Awards Unit or the European Grants Section (for European Commission funding) and provide the following data:

  • The proposed start date
  • Duration of the project
  • Name of funding body
  • Host School
  • Name of Principal Investigator and amount of time to be spent on project
  • Co-applicants and amount of their time to be spent on project
  • Details of staff employed on project

Before requesting a CAP form for EC funding, please contact the European Office within RACDV with details of your proposal ( 

Please download the document attached to this page which is formatted appropriately to assist in collecting the necessary information required to generate a CAP form.


Please note this form does not replace your school’s internal costing request procedure. Before downloading and completing this form it is recommended that you contact your School Research/Finance office to obtain any school specific form which they may wish you to complete.  This should avoid any duplication of effort.

Applying for Equipment to the Research Councils

RCUK has changed the way in which universities can apply for funding for new equipment with effect from the 1st May 2011.  These changes have been made as a result of the ~50% reduction in the Research Councils’ capital budgets following the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) in November 2010 and forms part of RCUK’s efficiency measures for the period 2011-15.

Below is a document with a brief summary of the Research Councils’ new requirements and the approach that will be adopted in Cardiff University:



The person requesting the CAP form MUST be able to confirm that they have obtained permission from all parties involved to obtain their salary details. Once you have provided this information you will be sent the partially completed CAP form which you will be asked to complete.


European sources of funding e.g. EC, ERDF

EC Grants CAP form Request

Mrs Cerys Phillips

Telephone:029 2087 0044 Extension:70044


All other funding sources

Mrs Kathryn Sinclair

Telephone:029 2087 4651Extension:74651


Next Steps

Once you’ve received the CAP form, your next steps will depend upon the type of project you are undertaking:

For Research Applications

The costs provided in the CAP form should be used to complete the funding body's application form.

For University Services Projects

University Services is the generic term used for projects in which staff undertake, on behalf of the University, expert advice, testing or analytical services, including consultancy.

Before fee discussions take place between you and the funder of the proposed work, you should give some thought to the price to be charged.  This figure will be the costs, as calculated on the CAP form, plus any appropriate uplift element.  Guidelines and further information are available on the pricing webpages .