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What Makes a Good Application?

RIES annually handles in excess of 1,000 research applications from Cardiff University academic staff. We are able to help many staff in crafting and detailing their applications.

If your project does not involve completing a funder's application form or a proposal, you should provide a full Project Description which has been agreed with the funder for the work to be undertaken.  In addition to assisting with the form of contract to be drawn up, a full Project Description will also reduce the scope for misunderstanding between you and the funder in respect of the work being carried out and the expected nature and timing of deliverables and outputs.

A template Project Description document is provided below which can be downloaded for completion.

 Project Description Template 

Two good practice examples of Project Descriptions are provided below to demonstrate the type and level of detail which should be included:

 Project Description Example 1 

 Project Description Example 2