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Project Setup

Once you have a signed contract with the funding body you can set up your project. RACD will provide you with a 7 digit account number which will be used to manage all the transactions for the project. You will also be given an initial budget sheet showing the amount awarded for the project.

The Account Number

The University has different types of account numbers for various uses. RACD only deals with two main types of contracts. These comprise:

Type - First two digits

  • RC = Research Contract
  • KS = Services Contract

School Identifier - 3rd & 4th digits

  • E.G. AR = ARCHI

Sequential Number- Last three digits

  • E.G. 001 = The first contract for the School in the academic year


You will also be provided with a budget coding sheet which will give details of how much has been awarded and to what sub accounts from which you can spend

Student Stipends

If you are employing a student on a research studentship you will need a letter from the School's research administrator to authorise the release of money so the student can be paid.


Contacts for project setup:

Mrs Ivy Walker

Telephone:029 2087 4166 Extension:74166


Mrs Sharon O'Neill

Telephone:029 2087 4566Extension:74566