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Formal written contracts are required at the initiation of a working partnership for a particular programme of work. They formalise the University's relationship with funders, industry and other academic and research institutions. RACD is responsible for negotiating and agreeing appropriate terms and conditions on behalf of the University. The Director of RACD and other key staff in the Division are the University's authorised signatories for all contracts relating to research, consultancy and technology transfer activities, including confidentiality and material transfer arrangements.

Why is a Contract necessary? A Contract will:

  • Establish who will own the results of the work and who has the right to use them
  • Set out any liability you or the University will accept
  • Set out publication rights of any results
  • Confirm the work that you will undertake i.e. project description and the financial schedule

In order to ensure that contracts are processed in a timely manner,  please contact the Contracts Team as soon as possible. 

RACD is responsible for Research, Services and any supporting contracts. To view a full list of these different types of contracts please click here.

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