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The President's Research Scholarships

Food and Sustainable City-Regions

At a time when more than half of the world’s population is urbanized, academics and practitioners alike are increasingly calling for research that investigates more sustainable spatial, socio-economic and physical linkages between cities and their rural hinterland.

Fruit and vegetables on supermarket shelves

Food has risen up academic and policy agendas, given its unique role in sustaining human life, its intensive use of natural resources such as land, water and fossil fuel, and its connections with a wide range of urban and regional policy areas (from land-use planning to infrastructure and transport, from environmental conservation to housing and economic development).

The research projects available will be used to integrate research that has been fragmented across specialized research centres – including the Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Space; the Wales Rural Observatory, the Regeneration Institute, BRASS (Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society) and the Urban China Research Centre.

The projects will address one fundamental research question: what is the role of different actors, governance levels, spatial scales and pro-poor planning strategies in reconnecting cities (physically, economically and socially) with their surrounding countryside?

Graduates will develop the practical, methodological and analytical skills that are necessary to make a robust contribution to academic and political efforts to re-orientate the dynamics of urbanization in a more sustainable direction and to provide access to food to ever growing urban and peri-urban populations.


2 projects are now available:

The politics and planning of urban food security in the UK

Deadline: 01/03/2013
Full project details:

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A Spatial analysis of rural/urban food flows in the UK

Deadline: 01/03/2013
Full project details:

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What to do next

  • Find out more about the research projects and the scholarships available and also receive guidance in relation to any project-specific application processes by getting in touch with the Project Contact.
  • Submit an online postgraduate application, within the timescales specified by the Project Contact, in order to be considered for one of the President’s Research Scholarships. (Applicants should indicate in Section 5 (Funding) at the item: ‘ I will be applying for a scholarship/grant ‘ -  the name ‘President’s Research Scholarships’.)


2 projects available

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