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The President's Research Scholarships

Immunology and Infection: Turning laboratory research into clinical practice

The TRIM PhD Group integrates two of the strongest research groups in the School of Medicine (Immunology, Infection & Inflammation and Clinical Epidemiology) and provides an example of how to create a platform that allows innovative research in the laboratory to have a clear pathway into clinical practice. These two Interdisciplinary Research Groups will work together to create a unique opportunity for the translational medical research programme ‘Immunology and Infection: Turning laboratory research into clinical practice’.

Detail of a virus

Ongoing PhD research addresses the following challenges: cellular and molecular immunotherapy; vaccine development technologies; cancer immune surveillance;  and immune-pathways to cancer, chronic infections diseased and inflammation.  PhD graduates in this area will be able to respond to the increasing number of calls for translational research and will have the necessary skills to be highly competitive for immunology-related research positions at university and industry; the President’s Research Scholars focussing on translational research.

Work in the epidemiological area will be composed of linked doctoral studies which will integrate the work undertaken in infection and communication in healthcare. 

The unifying concept is that of taking developments in biomedicine and then integrating these innovations with high quality evidence from trials, enhanced with novel diagnostic and decision support techniques to bridge the implementation gap, the so called T2 translation gap, and therefore addressing the need to deliver high quality patient centred care.

Project Details

This project is currently closed for applications.

What to do next

  • Find out more about the research projects and the scholarships available and also receive guidance in relation to any project-specific application processes by getting in touch with the Project Contact.
  • Submit an online postgraduate application, within the timescales specified by the Project Contact, in order to be considered for one of the President’s Research Scholarships. (Applicants should indicate in Section 5 (Funding) at the item: ‘ I will be applying for a scholarship/grant ‘ -  the name ‘President’s Research Scholarships’.)


This project is now closed.

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