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The President's Research Scholarships

Climate Change: confronting the four “grand challenges”

Hubbard Glacier

The establishment of the Cardiff University Climate Change Network has provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen cohesion and build capacity for interdisciplinary research aligned to four ‘Grand Challenges’ which address major pressing research questions that link climate science to the human dimension:  Earth System Modelling; Sea Level Change; Hazard Evaluation, Mitigation and Adaptation; Welsh Dimension of Climate Change.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral studies include weaving together state-of-the-art studies of past, present and future climates, the links between ecosystems, society and climate-driven environmental change, including the assessment of the impacts of climate variability on vulnerable coastal and marine environments. The latter component will be achieved through a special focus on the Severn Estuary Catchment.


This project is now closed.

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