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The President's Research Scholarships

About the Scholarships

The President’s Research Scholarships are “flagship” Cardiff awards which carry the prestige of association with the University’s new President, the Nobel Prize for Medicine (2007) winner, Professor Sir Martin Evans.

The Scholarships will attract new students seeking to work on exciting and challenging projects in dynamic and well-resourced research environments under the supervision of successful and established researchers.

The Scholarships will be of interest to the highest quality candidates – those eligible for funding as President Scholars will have a first-class honours degree, or a 2.1 plus a postgraduate Masters degree (or their equivalents).

In determining in which areas to make these flagship scholarships available, the University has considered a number of key factors which, collectively, support strong outcomes for the successful scholarship applicants, the research area and the University.

Each of the research areas where the President’s Research Scholarships are available are able to support excellence in postgraduate research provision - in relation to research projects, supervision, research environment, and preparation for academic and/or professional careers.

All of the University Schools and Research Centres offering opportunities under the programme have demonstrated the real potential of the Scholarships to contribute to research excellence through significant, challenging and original PhD research projects and excellent PhD supervision and support.

In addition, each of the areas has demonstrated commitment to integrating Scholarship holders into a vibrant and highly-regarded research culture in an interdisciplinary environment.  

Other attractive features of the Scholarships include the presence of multiple President’s Scholars in each of the research areas and the guaranteed exposure of President’s Scholars to innovative technologies, theories, methodological approaches, and debates.

All President’s Scholars can be confident of receiving the very highest quality training and support, overseen by supervisors with a proven record of effectively supervising PhD students. In each case the School/Research Centre is making its own financial contribution to the President’s Research Scholarships enabling 72 full RCUK-rate Scholarships to be offered.