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Stage 3 – Project Implementation

Stage 3


Checklist of factors to consider at the start of this stage and to be revisited periodically include:

  • Does the supporting project team, which will be drawn from those directly responsible for the successful completion of the project; have the necessary experience and skills?
  • Do all individuals directly and indirectly associated with the project (including the independent reviewer) clearly understand the objectives of the project and the impact it will have upon them?
  • Are their responsibilities clearly defined and understood by all?
  • Has the plan been discussed with the Independent Reviewer?
  • How do you propose to communicate with members of your project team and other stakeholders in the project?
  • Has a detailed project management plan been prepared with SMART (specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time-limited) targets?
  • Has the risk matrix been updated and how is it kept under review (See Section C)?
  • Are risks being well managed?
  • Are key milestones specified and procedures established for the formal monitoring of the project so that progress and achievement of targets can be measured at appropriate times and corrective action taken at an early stage where necessary?
  • Where there are significant time gaps between key milestones, has provision been made for appropriate interim reviews?
  • How will the following be managed during the project? Risk mitigation, change of scope, budget and timescale
  • To which University authority will the Independent Reviewer report?