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Stage 1 - The Identification of a Need

Stage 1


Checklist of factors to consider in this stage include:

  • What is the idea or concept?
  • Is a general description of the overall project available?
  • Has the need been researched and justified?
  • Is the project consistent with the University’s strategy?
  • Is the project consistent with the School’s/Directorate’s strategy or plans?
  • Have you thought about what will not be covered as part of the project, but might be expected to be included by others?
  • Who else needs to be involved in the project from within and outside of the University?
  • Has the cost benefit to the University been identified taking into account any longer-term recurrent costs e.g. staffing, as well as shorter-term capital costs e.g. accommodation, equipment?
  • What is the impact of the investment on the University’s budget?
  • Have the major opportunities and risks associated with the project been taken into account?
  • Are the appropriate internal resources (including time, personnel and/or skills) available to progress Stage 2 and subsequent stages of the project?
  • Have you considered how much leeway there is within the project for e.g. timeframe, costs, and quality?
  • What else may need to be considered at this early stage to pre-empt what your decision-making body may require?