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Strategic Planning and Policy Team

Dr Sue Hybart

Telephone:(029) 20874164Extension:74164

Ms Rachel Hall
Senior Planning Officer

Telephone:(029) 20874409Extension:74409

Ms Sian Verrall
Planning Officer

Telephone:(029) 20875342Extension:75342


Research Strategy Team

Mrs Jane Boggan
Deputy Director (on career break until January 2016)

Telephone:(029) 20870009Extension:70009

Mr Thomas Hay
Acting Deputy Director

Telephone:(029) 20870185Extension:70185

Mrs Jude Bown
Senior Planning Officer/GW4 Research Project Manager/CPSE Planning Partner

Telephone:(029) 20879441Extension:79441

Ms Jennifer Evans
Acting Senior Planning Officer/CAHSS Business Partner

Telephone:029 2087 0009 Extension:70009

Ms Sarah Roberts
Assistant Planning Officer

Telephone:(029) 20874549Extension:74549


Planning Information and Analysis Team

Mr John Britton
Assistant Director of Planning

Telephone:(029) 20875099Extension:75099

Mrs Andrea Jones
Planning Officer

Telephone:(029) 20876442Extension:76442

Mr Mark Langer-Crame
Senior Planning Officer

Telephone:(029) 20870067Extension:70067

Mr Matthew Pitman
Assistant Planning Officer/Data Analyst

Telephone:(029) 20876404Extension:76404


Business Intelligence Programme

Dr Alison Powell
Senior Business Intelligence Officer

Telephone:(029) 20870220Extension:70220

Ms Angela Cox
Business Intelligence Officer

Telephone:(029) 20870184Extension:70184

Mr Christopher Fussell
Business Intelligence Officer

Telephone:(029) 20876270Extension:76270


Admin Support

Miss Mary Tang
PA (to the Director of Planning) and Executive Officer

Telephone:(029) 20874384Extension:74384

Mrs Nadia Cleaver
Administrative Assistant (part-time)

Telephone:(029) 20874793Extension:74793

Miss Karin Russell
Administrative Officer

Telephone:(029) 20876443Extension:76443
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