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The Welsh School of Pharmacy are delighted to host an exciting new PhD Programme that is supported by Cardiff University's prestigious President's Research Scholarship Scheme from 2010-13.

The Award is for drug discovery and development. The Scheme will appeal to students with a science background who have a multi-disciplinary interest in the development of new pharmaceuticals. Each student will be based primarily in one of our partner schools; Pharmacy, Psychology, Medicine and Chemistry but links with other partners will be strong. The doctoral programme will be structured to include a focussed research training element in year 1, comprising specialist lectures and workshops, and laboratory visits.


Principal Investigator: Prof Chris McGuigan

Co-Applicants: Dr Andrea Brancale, Prof Richard Wise, Prof Peter Edwards, Dr Richard Clarkson, Dr Ned Powell ____________________________________________________________________________

New Clofarabine ProTides as novel Anti-Cancer Agents. (more info)

Prof Chris M
cGuigan (Pharmacy)

Co-applicants: Dr Andrea Brancale (Pharmacy),
Prof Rob Nicholson (Tenovus / Pharmacy),
Prof Alan Burnett, Medicine,
Dr Stephen Paisey, EMRIC
With sponsorship from Nucana BioMedNucana Logo


Improved nucleoside analogue drugs as topical treatment for Human Papillomavirus associated neoplasia. (more info)
Application deadline 1st August 2010

Dr Ned Powell

Dr Amanda Tristram, Medicine with NHS Wales.

Prof Peter Edwards
Email: Prof Peter Edwards
Web: Cardiff School of Chemistry

PET Applications in drug discovery. PI: (more info)
Application deadline 1st August 2010

Prof Peter Edwards

Co-applicant: Dr Steve Daniels, Medicine, with PETIC.


Andrea Brancale
Email: Dr Andrea Brancale
Web: Welsh School of Pharmacy

Interactive drug-design: using advanced computing to evaluate the induced fit effect. (more info)

Dr Andrea Brancale

Co-applicants: Dr Ian Grimstead, Computer Science,
Prof Martyn Guest, ARCCA.

Richard Wise
Email: Prof Richard G Wise
Web: School of Psychology

Optimising pharmacological FMRI for neurological drug development in humans. PI:
(more info)

Prof Richard Wise
(School of Psychology and CUBRIC)

Co-applicant: Dr Mike OSullivan, Psycology / Medicine.


Dr Richard Clarkson
Email: Dr Richard Clarkson
Web: School of Biosciences

Designing and testing a novel therapeutic for breast cancer.
(more info)

Dr Richard Clarkson

Co-applicants: Dr Andy Westwell, Pharmacy
Dr Andrea Brancale, Pharmacy.


We seek highly motivated, well-organised students capable of developing and fostering collaborative research. The successful candidates should possess, or expect to obtain an MSc degree or 1st Class BSc degree or equivalent in a relevant subject area. Excellent literacy, numeracy and IT skills are required, in addition to good English language skills. Positions for the PhD studentships, including full award of stipend and tuition fees, are available to applicants from the UK or EU only.
For further information, interested candidates should contact Prof Chris McGuigan at the Welsh School of Pharmacy by email: or call +44 (0) 29 20874537.

All applications for admission to research programmes must be submitted direct to the University, either using the University’s on-line admissions service

or by submitting a paper application form which can be downloaded from the University’s webpages