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Research Disciplines



The School's four research disciplines represent the resource platform for the maintenance and technical support of clusters of specialised equipment and facilities shared on a pooled basis throughout the school.  Although staff are located within a specific discipline, much of the research is cross disciplinary and often involves collaboration with other groups within the University and elsewhere.

The four groups are

Medicinal Chemistry Research Discipline

Design, synthesis of novel active compounds as drug candidates

Pharmacology & Physiology Research Discipline

Understanding of physiological regulation and disease processes, identifying and validating novel drug targets, mechanisms of drug action

Drug Delivery & Microbiology Research Discipline

Understanding the nature of biological barriers and developing advanced systems to improve the delivery of therapeutics
Understanding microbial survival strategies, microbial contamination of pharmaceutical products, control of microbial infection in healthcare environments

Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy Research Discipline

Informing and influencing the practice of pharmacy and the development of policy around  medicines usage and approval.