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Postgraduate Research Day 2013

Postgraduate Research Day 2013


The 2013 annual Pharmacy Postgraduate Research Day was held in the Redwood Building on Wednesday 17th April.

A total of 9 third-year PhD students presented their work in the Vernon Lloyd Lecture Theatre as 10 minute oral presentations, while 22 of their second-year colleagues had prepared presentations for the poster session held between 11-1pm in 0.60.

Three posters and two oral presentations were awarded prizes by a panel drawn from the academic staff, which were presented by Professor Dylan Jones, Pro Vice Chancellor of the College of Medical and Life Sciences.



Marcella Bassetto, Postgraduate Research Day 2013 winner  1.8 Mb

Marcella Bassetto, winner for the presentation "Computer-aided design, synthesis and evaluation of novel anti-HCV compounds".

Rosalind Chong  1.3 Mb

Rosalind Chong, winner for the presentation "Targeted delivery of siRNA to skin models".

Valentina Ferrari  2.5 Mb

Valentina Ferrari, winner for the poster "Synthesis and biological evaluation of 8-chloroadenosine prodrugs as anticancer agents".

Iuni Trust  1.8 Mb

Iuni Trint, winner for the poster "Drug Design Studies on DENV helicase".

Jennifer Wymant  2.5 Mb

Jennifer Wymant, winner for the poster "The Role of BCA2 in EGFR Endocytosis and Breast Cancer".



Winners of the Postgraduate Research Day 2013

Winners of the Postgraduate Research Day 2013. From left to right: Jennifer Wymant, Rosalind Chong, Valentina Ferrari, Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Dylan Jones, Professor Gary Baxter, Marcella Bassetto, Iuni Trist, Dr Emma Kidd.