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Upcoming Seminars


Seminar audience


The School of Pharmacy is proud to have an active seminar series. World-leading experts provide talks on a wide range of topical subjects, from drug discovery to pharmacy practice. The Seminars are open to all, from undergraduates to staff, from within the School and outside.

Autumn/Winter 2014 Series:

 Seminars will be held at 2pm in the Paul Spencer Lecture Theatre (2.60C) in the Redwood Building.


15th October 2014

Professor Liam Gray, Cardiff University
"Fitting and Forgetting; Inflammation of the epileptic brain."


22nd October 2014

Professor Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke,  Barts Cancer Institute
"The tumour vasculature: New Insights"


29th October 2014

 Professor Les Baillie (Cardiff University) 
"From A to B, Anthrax to bees and some stuff in between"


5th November 2014

Professor Yves Barde,  Cardiff University
"Neurotrophins in development and diseases of the nervous system"


12th November 2014

 Dr. Nicola Gray,  Green Line Consulting  
"Why should pharmacy care about young people?"


19th November 2014

Professor John Weinman, King's College London
"Taking the Treatment : how can Health Psychology help?"


3rd December 2014

Professor Christer Hogstrand,  King's College London  
"Functions of zinc in biology and disease"


10th December 2014

Dr. Roxana Octavia Carare,  University of Southampton
"Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease: failure of perivascular drainage of interstitial fluid from the brain" 


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