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Wednesday, 19th March 2014

Starts: 19 March 2014

Dr Nicole Watt Seminar Speaker picture

Dr Nicole Watt

Leeds University

The Prion Protein: Friend or Foe in Neurodegeneration

Nicole’s interest in transition metals and their effects in disease started when she was doing her Ph.D at the Institute of Child Health at the University of Sheffield. During her time there, she modelled the liver failure which was seen in an hepatic copper toxicosis affecting a population of children in rural India whose milk feeds had been warmed in a copper cooking utensil. The BSE crisis started as she finished her Ph.D which enabled her to move organ but stay with copper when she came to Leeds to investigate the role of the prion protein in neuronal copper metabolism. During her time in Leeds,  she has worked on finding a physiological role for the prion protein to understand why we have it. Her studies have combined biochemical techniques with cell biology to address the role that the prion protein has in transition metal metabolism, anti-oxidant defence and more recently how it may promote neurodegeneration by providing a ligand for amyloid-β in Alzheimers disease. 

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Redwood 2.60c (NLT)

1.30pm. Refreshments from 1:20pm



Dr Kathryn Taylor

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Dr Kathy Taylor
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