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Becoming a Pharmacist

Range of boxes of medicines.

Pharmacy is the study of medicines and their use. Study of pharmacy is usually as a basis for and on the route to qualification as a pharmacist. Consequently, the pharmacy degree course is vocationally orientated, that is it is focused on the knowledge and skills needs of future pharmacists.

The Master of Pharmacy, abbreviated MPharm, programme is of four years’ duration. After gaining his or her MPharm degree, a pharmacy student must undertake a year’s preregistration training in pharmacy practice, based in a hospital or community pharmacy (or sometimes a combination of the two) before becoming eligible for registration as a pharmacist with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), the regulatory body for pharmacy in Great Britain. Registration is subject to approval by the student’s practice tutor and passing the GPhC’s registration examination. Most MPharm graduates have no difficulty achieving these requirements, certainly this is the case for Cardiff graduates.

The GPhC produces its own literature and has its own webpages devoted to pharmacist registration, covering what it means to be a pharmacist. Further information and career opportunities in pharmacy can be found in the professional body's (the Royal Pharmaceutical Society) web site.

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