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Students will be required to complete course work in Year 1 and Year 2 which will be assessed at the end of each academic year. Course work will be set for each Module and will include the undertaking of a 'Course Journal' plus two assignments for each module.


Written Examination

In May/June of the first and second academic years, candidates will be required to sit two closed book examinations of 2 hours duration relating to the work undertaken during the year. Marking will be by numbers

MSc Dissertation

Students will be expected to submit an MSc dissertation at the end of Year 3 although in exceptional circumstances the Course Director may approve a delay in submission by 12 months.

Oral Examination

Candidates may be required to present themselves for an Oral Examination on completion of the written examinations at the end of Year 2. Candidates may be examined orally on their MSc dissertation the External Examiner.

Award of MSc in Clinical Research

On the successful completion of the 2 year part-time Diploma scheme, candidates may undertake a further 1 year of part-time study to obtain the MSc in Clinical Research. Entry to the MSc scheme must be no more than one academic year after completing the Diploma programme.

Candidates who successfully complete a dissertation which shall normally be of not more than 20,000 words on a topic agreed in advance by the Course Director, will be awarded the MSc in Clinical Research. A candidate gaining a dissertation mark of at least 70% and who has satisfied the criteria for the award of a Distinction at the end of Year 2, will be awarded the MSc in Clinical Research with Distinction.

Exit Awards of Certificate or Diploma in Clinical Research

To be eligible for the award of a University of Wales Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research candidates must achieve an aggregate mark of 50% or more in the written examination and course work at the end of Years 1 and 2. Candidates gaining mean marks of at least 70% in the two sets of written papers and course work and who have satisfied the External examiner and the Board of Examiners of their outstanding abilities, will be awarded the Diploma in Clinical Research with Distinction. Candidates who successfully complete only 2 modules of the scheme will receive the Certificate in Clinical Research as an Exit Award.

Note: On completion of Year 2, students will be notified by the Academic Registry that they may either accept the Diploma as an Exit Award, or continue the MSc programme. in the latter case, the Diploma in Clinical Research will not be issued.

Additional Information

Having successfully completed the Diploma programme at the end of Year 2 students will attend a Research Methods module in June/July before embarking on their MSc dissertation on a topic approved by the University.

Students will normally be expected to discuss progress of their dissertation with the academic supervisor in Cardiff on at least two calendared dates per semester.

As part of the assessment process all students will be examined orally on their MSc dissertation by an Internal Examiner. Students may also be examined by the External Examiner. Although it is normally expected that the dissertation will be presented at the end of the third academic year (May), a student may be permitted a further academic year in which to submit the dissertation for assessment.

All course work and the dissertation will be double-marked to ensure the work is judged fairly without examiner bias. The External Examiner will be expected to review the examination papers and independently assess a sample of examination scripts, course work and all MSc dissertations.

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