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Dr Kathryn Taylor  -  PhD

Dr Kathy Taylor
Position:Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow

Telephone:02920 875292
Fax:02920 875152


  • BSc (Honours) in Physiology and Biochemistry, Reading University, 1974
  • PhD from Kings’ College Hospital, London University in kidney preservation 1982


Research Interests

Member of the School's Pharmacology & Physiology Research Discipline

  • The mechanism of action of zinc transporters
  • The regulation of intracellular zinc homeostasis
  • The role of zinc transporters in cell migration
  • The role of zinc and zinc transporters in breast cancer progression


Key Publication

Cover of Science Signalling with Dr Taylor's article

K. M. Taylor, S. Hiscox, R. I. Nicholson, C. Hogstrand, P. Kille, Protein kinase CK2 triggers cytosolic zinc signaling pathways by phosphorylation of zinc channel ZIP7. Sci. Signal. 5, ra11 (2012).

New research published in Science Signaling has identified the switch that releases zinc into cells with important implications for a number of diseases.


Teaching Profile

  • Supervision of undergraduate research projects
  • Supervision of postgraduate students


Links to other relevant websites

Breast Cancer (Molecular Pharmacology) Group

Zinc-UK - an Association for scientists actively engaged in researching zinc in biology in the UK.


Funding bodies that support my research

Breast Cancer Campaign

Wellcome Trust