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Dr Kathryn Taylor  -  PhD

Career Profile

Dr Kathryn Taylor in her laboratory

Kathryn Taylor began her post-doctoral career in the field of kidney preservation for transplantation at the department of surgery in Kings’ College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London.

After a 9 year maternal career break she returned to investigate the role of complement component C9 in arthritis at the department of Medical Biochemistry, Heath Hospital, Cardiff.

Kathryn joined the Tenovus centre for cancer research in 1997 where she has been investigating the role of the LIV-1 family of zinc transporters in breast cancer.


Research Interest

The primary focus of my research is to understand how zinc transporters work in cells to control intracellular zinc homeostasis. I am especially interested in the 9 human members of the LIV-1 family of zinc transporters and their role in the progression of breast cancer.

These studies include the effects of zinc on multiple signalling pathways as well as growth and invasion, all elements known to lead to cancer progression.

Kathryn has been an invited member of the editorial advisory panel of the Biochemistry Journal since 2004.

Kathryn has been a member of Cardiff University Genetic Modification Safety Committee since 2002