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Prof Chris McGuigan  -  BSc PhD

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Position:Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 74537
Fax:+44 (0)29 208 74537
Life Sciences Research Network Wales

The Life Sciences Research Network Wales aims to support world class science within Wales and develop new therapeutic treatments in areas of unmet medical and veterinary need. The Network brings together academics at Cardiff, Swansea, Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities and aims to further develop long term research capacity within the Life Sciences.

This £15M initiative is part funded by a £7.3M award from the Welsh Government’s Ser Cymru program and aims to promote collaboration with industry partners, the NHS and other international Universities.

Life Sciences Hub Wales, based in Cardiff Bay, is the focal point for the sector in Wales – stimulating interaction, innovation, networking and collaboration.

A nerve centre for the whole of the Life Sciences sector, including academic and healthcare organisations, business, expert advisers, clinical and funding organisations, it helps bring about investment, commercialisation and ongoing business success.  Professor Chris McGuigan is the Chair of Life Sciences Hub Wales Ltd


First human data on novel anti-cancer ProTide NUC1031,
3D image of NUC-1031

3D structure/image of NUC-1031 anti-cancer drug based on gemcitabine  464.7 Kb


New first in man, trial for anti-cancer ProTide, with Nucana Biomed, started November 2012.  

ABPI Annual Lecture for 2012
Ups and Downs of a Drug Hunter - from the Lab to Patients 

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Professor Chris McGuigan graduated Bachelor of Science in 1979 with First Class Honours from the University of Birmingham where he also obtained his Ph.D. in Anticancer Drug Design, 1982.


Research Interests

  • Anti-cancer drug discovery, engineering new nucleosides to overcome the known resistance mechanisms of current drugs. collaborative with Nucana BioMed in Edinburgh.
  • Major interest in new drug discovery and development for cancer, HIV, hepatitis B and C, shingles, osteoarthritis, measles and influenza. This involves synthetic organic and organo-phosphorus chemistry, purification methods and spectroscopy, particularly high field NMR, and close collaboration with virologists and biochemists throughout Europe, and USA.
  • Antiviral Drug Discovery via ProTides. Our collaborative projects with GSK, NC, Roche Palo Alto and Inhibitex GA are now completed. Major potency enhancements were observed with a number of antiviral agents.
3D structure of FV-100, a potential anti-shingles drug

FV100. The World's most potent inhibitor of VZV (cause of chickenpox and shingles). Our lab discovered this agent and out-licensed it to Inhibitex.  See - FV100 - the story.  FV100 is now licensed to Contravir Pharma.


3D structure of INV-189 anti-hep C drug

INX189. The most powerful inhibitor of hepatitis C virus in its class.  Discovered in our lab in 2008 and  outlicensed to Inhibitex and entered phase 2 trials with BMS. 




Member of the School's  Medicinal Chemistry Research Discipline