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Prof Les Baillie 

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WO/1998/08952 Vaccine production of the Bacillus anthracis protective antigen  Inventor: Baillie LWJ  5.3.1998

WO/2000/056361   Vaccine composition  Inventors: Aplar, H.O., Somavarapu,S., Williamson E.D., and Baillie,L.W.J.  23.03.2000

WO/2002/04646  Expression system (E.coli rPA)  Inventors: Williamson ED, Miller J,Walker NJ, Baillie LWJ, Holden P, Flick-Smith HC, Bullifent HL, Titball RW and Topping AW   06.07.2001

WO/2003/006649  Expression system (Bacillus subtilis) Inventors: Williamson,E.D., Baillie.L.W.J., and Miller,J.   09.07.2002

US/20060147927 High-sensitivity assays for pathogen detection using metal enhanced fluorescence  Inventors: Chris D. Geddes, Joseph R. Lakowitz, Leslie W.J. Baillie

US Provisional Patent  Salmonella based oral vaccine for anthrax Inventor: Baillie LWJ   14.11.05