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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment

The DSE Policy, DSE Assessment form and DSE Guidance is located in the menu to the right with other documents that have links with DSE.

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Summary information on Display Screen Equipment Workstation Minimum Requirements

  1. The display screen should have well defined characters of adequate size, stable image, easily adjustable brightness and contrast. The screen should be easily tilting and swivelling with no reflective glare.

  2. The keyboard should be tilt able and separate from the screen; Sufficient space in front of the keyboard; matt surface; easy to use; adequate and contrasting symbols on keys. The mouse (or other non-keyboard device) should be suitable for the task

  3. The work surface should be sufficiently large and low reflecting, and allow a flexible arrangement of equipment and adequate space.

  4. The work chair should be stable allowing the user easy movement and comfortable position. It should have adjustable height (seat); adjustable height and tilt (seat back). Footrests should be available on request.

  5. There should be space necessary to allow the operator to change positions.

  6. The lighting should be satisfactory with appropriate contrast between screen and background; prevention of glare through positioning of artificial lighting.

  7. Positioning must prevent sources of light such as windows from causing distracting reflections on the screen.

  8. Noise including speech must not cause a distraction of attention when using DSE.

  9. Heat must not be excessive such to cause discomfort and an adequate level of humidity should be established and maintained.

  10. The software systems must be suitable for the task, easy to use, and adaptable to the level of the user's knowledge. No quantitative or qualitative checking facility may be used without the user's knowledge.

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