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ECO Section

This section is to support the Environment Compliance Officer (ECO) in their role.

Please join the 'ECO Connections' site for up to date information on Environmental issues, Discussions and more.  This can be accessed by clicking the following link ECO.  Should this not work for any reason then please select the and search for ECO.

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The role of the Environment Compliance Officer (ECO)



To Head of School/College/Professional Service


  • To act as liaison between the School/College/Professional Service and the OSHE Unit.
  • To be an ex-officio member of the School/College/Professional Service Safety, Health and Environment Committee.
  • To maintain environmental documentation relating to the School/Professional Service SHE Management system (including: identification of environmental aspects and inclusion within HAZMAP, involvement in setting
  • School/College/Directorate objectives and targets, maintenance of School/Directorate environmental register).
  • To follow an appropriate programme of development including participating in training and awareness sessions so that an appropriate standard of environmental sustainability knowledge is maintained.
  • To provide general environmental sustainability advice, or where appropriate to refer members of the School/College/Professional Service to the OSHE Unit.
  • To disseminate environmental sustainability information and reports to appropriate members of School/College/Professional Service staff and students.
  • Work with the University EMS Steering Group on implementation of Environmental sustainability objectives and targets.
  • Act as a contact for information and training related to ESDGC (Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship).
  • Liaise with the School/College/Professional Service Safety Committee to review environmental sustainability procedures within the School/College/Professional Service.

Suggested guide time for ECO roles 1-2 hours per week depending on the size of the School/College/Professional Service.

ECO Support, Discussion, News and Updates

ECO Support, Discussion, News and Updates

Environment Risk Examples

DSO and ECO update information