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Research Ethics

All research (including audit / service evaluation) involving human subjects or human tissue, that takes place within the School and/or is conducted by members of the School, is subject to scrutiny by the School’s Research / Audit Ethics Committee.

Research involving subjects recruited through or by virtue of their participation in NHS assessment or treatment requires NHS ethical procedures (and notification of the approval to the School Ethics Committee).  Information on NHS procedures is available at

Research not under the remit of NHS procedures can be dealt with in-house by the School Ethics Committee. Work may only commence when the committee has given written approval for the project.


Research Ethics Pic 1


Work may only commence when the committee has given written approval for the project.

The application form asks for the researcher to indicate whether the proposed project is classified as research or audit/service evaluation. Guidelines to the distinction are provided with the form, but further information can be obtained here:


Information sheets or leaflets

The committee guidelines and procedures provides useful information about preparing the information leaflet, but further information can been obtained here: 



The committee requires a detailed description of how informed consent is to be obtained from participants, and a copy of the information sheet/leaflet and consent form. When research subjects are children or vulnerable adults, applicants must take particular care in demonstrating how information will be provided and consent established. The two leaflets provide useful information and the University interim procedures for child protection can be found at
Child Protection Procedures

Photo by Mike O’Carroll

Photo by Mike O’Carroll


Health and Safety

All researchers should be familiar with the University’s health and safety policy and all research compliant with it

 University Policy


Members of the School undertaking research with human subjects should familiarise themselves with the following:


Didactic training on research ethics is provided within the school from time to time. Any member of staff can request training to be organised, and the Committee will do its best to arrange an event.


Committee membership

Committee chair Julie Albon supported by Kirsten Hamilton-Maxwell

 Tom Margrain

 Julie Albon

Lay member: John Sanders

Secretary: Leanne Jones