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Nystagmus Open Day

Speaker: Dr Jon Erichsen

Starts: 17 April 2010

Maggie Woodhouse & Jon Erichsen at the School of Optometry & Vision Sciences at Cardiff University conduct research to better understand eye movements and eye movement problems, and to develop means of diagnosing problems in clinical situations. The research involves studying eye movement deficits such as nystagmus and strabismus (squint), clinical evaluation of eye movement control, and validation of tests supposedly detecting tracking difficulties.

For many years, the Cardiff Research Unit for Nystagmus (R.U.N.) has been studying eye movements of people with an early onset, continuous horizontal oscillation of their eyes that impairs their vision. Eye tracking has allowed researchers to quantify the dynamics of these eye movements and how they are affected by such environ­ mental influences as stressful situations. Recently, the Unit has been supported by the Nystagmus Network to purchase a innovative eye tracking system - Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker - which allows sensitive and accurate monitoring of eye movements without wearing any headgear.

Phil doing experiment

On Saturday 17th April, there will be an open day hosted by the researchers and volunteers of RUN, for Nystagmus Network and its members to see the new system in action.

For further information, please contact Dr Jon Erichsen via email at

School of Optometry & Vision Sciences at Cardiff University

Other information

Cost: Free

Open To: Public