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Clinical Investigation and Vision Sciences (PhD/MPhil)

Eye Examination being carried out on a Child.

Suitable for:

Graduates in optometry, psychology, social science, physics, biology, biochemistry, mathematics or any relevant scientific discipline.

Programme Aims:

To offer knowledge and expertise for academic opportunities within vision science research; industrial research and development in the ophthalmic and pharmaceutical industries; senior positions within the Hospital Eye Service (for registered optometrists); professional development managers within optometric companies.

Programme Description:

Research areas:
  • Theoretical and clinical aspects of perimetric measures of the visual field
  • Spatial and contrast scaling for equalising performance in recognition tasks across the visual field
  • The refinement of electrophysiological techniques for assessing retinal processing
  • Electrophysiological measures of retinal processing in protanopia
  • Retinal imaging in glaucoma and other sight-threatening conditions
  • Effects, mechanisms and risk factors in diabetic retinopathy
  • Clinical measures of motion processing in children
  • Aetiology, impact and management of visual defects in children with Down's Syndrome
  • Electrophysiological measures of vision in Down's Syndrome
  • Motion perception in normal and abnormal vision
  • Quantification of tear film properties
  • Corneal Sensitivity
  • Perimetric measures of the visual field, and drug-related visual field defects
  • New electrophysiological techniques for assessing retinal processing
  • Visual performance in low vision and image enhancement techniques
  • Eye movements and vision in Nystagmus
  • Vision and visual defects in Down's Syndrome
Eye examination being carried out.

Special features:

  • State-of-the-art facilities for retinal imaging, visual field examination, and electrophysiological investigation, and customised psychophysics apparatus for applied and pure vision science research.
  • It is an International centre of excellence for studies concerning the assessment of function and structure in glaucoma, for drug-induced visual field loss, and for studies concerning the psychophysical evaluation of the properties of peripheral vision.
  • Renowned for electrophysiological investigation in glaucoma and diabetes and for studies of ocular and related parameters in Down's syndrome.
  • The Group is supported by grants from numerous organisations such as the Wellcome Trust, the Leverhume Trust, Welsh Office for Research and Development, PPP, BUPA and numerous other charitable and industrial sources.

Year of Entry: 2010


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