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Further Information

The information below shows how short courses and modules studied at other Universities may be able to count towards your postgraduate qualification with Cardiff University.


LOCSU/WOPEC courses – Glaucoma, Low Vision, and PEARS (Primary Eyecare Acute Referral Scheme). Free for practitioners who’s LOC/ROC contributes to the LOCSU levy.

LOCSU/ WOPEC training courses are available in the subject areas of: Glaucoma, Cataract, PEARS and Low Vision to support the implementation of LOCSU enhanced service pathways. LOCSU has funded these training packages for any optometrist in England and Wales who’s LOC or ROC contributes the LOCSU levy. Practitioners do not need to cover the cost of these courses.

Practitioners wishing to do a course should contact their LOC/ ROC for the relevant access code. These codes can be entered into the 'PROMO CODE' section of the top right hand corner of the WOPEC website ( CDs will then automatically be sent to you. A separate code is needed for each course. If you are unsure about the LOCSU levy or how to contact your LOC or ROC, please contact Jacque Hudson ( stating the area you work in.


WOPEC/LOCSU Glaucoma course – if you have already taken this course we can offer you exemption from OPT009: Glaucoma Foundation, which is worth 10 credits at postgraduate level,  at Cardiff University

A training and accreditation programme to support the LOCSU Level 1 a&b (IOP and Visual Field Refinement) and Level 2 (OHT Monitoring) enhanced service pathways. The package consists of distance learning lectures on CD Rom, and a short video. The distance learning lectures and MCQs are worth 8 CET points.

A template for a practical skills assessment has been designed to complement the distance learning. The assessments can be organised locally, and a number of Lead Optometric Assessors from across England and Wales have been trained by WOPEC to facilitate these assessments. For information about organising a practical skills assessment please contact WOPEC.


WOPEC/LOCSU Low Vision course – if you have already taken this course we can offer you exemption from OPT001: Low Vision 1 – theory, which is worth 10 credits at postgraduate level, at Cardiff University

This course involves distance learning lectures video recorded on CD-rom. It provides theoretical training in low vision practice. The theoretical training is worth 22 CET points. It is recommended that practitioners also do some practical training. WOPEC can work with LOCs to provide the practical training element.

For further details about the WOPEC/LOCSU courses available to you, please contact us through the WOPEC website:


Training and accreditation for Low Vision Service Wales – if you have already completed this training and accreditation then we can offer you exemption from OPT001: Low Vision 1 and OPT002: Low Vision 2, which is worth 20 credits at postgraduate level, at Cardiff University

To undertake the training practitioners must practice in Wales and be an optometrist or Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner registered with the General Optical Council (GOC) or dispensing optician registered with the GOC with an ABDO diploma in Low Vision.

Initially, theoretical information is delivered in distance learning video lectures and assessed by MCQs. Those passing the theoretical modules gain 20 CET credits and are offered practical training and accreditation. Two practical training days (about a month apart) are then held in locations around Wales. In the afternoon of the second training day an experienced practitioner assesses the practitioner doing a low vision assessment and uses set criteria to determine if the practitioner should be accredited. Once a practitioner is accredited they receive 12 CET credits for the practical training. They also receive all the equipment and paperwork required to provide the service.

Due to changes to the curriculum we are no longer accepting accreditation of prior learning for OPT004: Acute Eye Care 1 via LOCSU PEARS. Other courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the PGT Team ( for further information.


The College of Optometrists – how our modules link with their qualifications

Glaucoma Foundation and Glaucoma Level 1 (OPT009, OPT010)

Successful completion of OPT009 and OPT010 is the equivalent of The College Professional Certificate in Glaucoma.

Successful completion of OPT001 and OPT002 is the equivalent of The College Professional Certificate in Low Vision


CET points

From the 2012-2013 academic year onwards we will be able to provide CET points for successful completion of the modules.


Other Universities

If you have already studied Postgraduate modules at another University then you may be able to apply for accredited prior learning (APL), which may give you exemption from certain modules. These applications are assessed on an individual basis. Please contact the Postgraduate Taught team to discuss this further:




  1. I’d like to study the Postgraduate Certificate in Glaucoma. I’ve already studied the Glaucoma course through WOPEC and LOCSU – does this count for anything?

    Yes. If you have already studied any of the WOPEC/LOCSU courses then you may be eligible for exemption on some of the Cardiff University modules. For example, if you have already studied the WOPEC/LOCSU Glaucoma course you will be exempt from studying OPT009: Glaucoma Foundation, which is worth 10 credits.These 10 credits can be used towards your PgCert in Glaucoma.


  1. My aim is to get a qualification from The College – can I do that with Cardiff University?

    Yes, we are an accredited institution. For example, if you study the following modules OPT009: Glaucoma Foundation and OPT010: Glaucoma Level 1, then you would be eligible to apply for The College’s Professional Certificate in Glaucoma.


  1. I’ve already completed all of the WOPEC/LOCSU courses in PEARS and Low Vision – can I be exempt from a number of different Cardiff University modules?

    Yes. If you have already completed the above courses you would be eligible for exemption from OPT001: Low Vision 1, and OPT002: Low Vision 2. This exemption would mean that you already have 20 credits to put towards a postgraduate qualification. 

Please note that we no longer offer exemption from OPT004: Acute Eyecare Level 1 for those who have completed the above courses.


  1. Do I have to use my LOCSU/WOPEC course credits towards a formal qualification? I only want to do one module.
    That’s absolutely fine. You don’t have to work towards a formal qualification, you can just use your exemption to enter at a higher level and advance your learning. For example, if you’ve already studied the Low Vision LOCSU/WOPEC courses you would be exempt from having to study OPT001: Low Vision Theory, and could enter straight in at the practical level

  2. I’ve studied the LOCSU/WOPEC courses – what am I exempt from?


Exemption from these postgraduate modules


OPT009: Glaucoma Foundation (worth 10 credits)


Low Vision Theory

OPT001: Low Vision Theory (worth 10 credits)
Low Vision AccreditationOPT001: Low Vision Theory (10 credits)
OPT002: Low Vision Practical (10 credits)
Worth 20 credits in total