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Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injuries – School of Dentistry

Professor Bing SongProfessor Bing Song

Professor Bing Song, a world-leading figure in the field of wound healing and tissue repair joined the School of Dentistry this year. His main interests are in the electric signal regulation of cell migration, division and differentiation in wound healing and tissue repair. As well as collaborations on a number of projects in the School of Dentistry and the School of Biosciences, Professor Song has many partnerships with other international research leaders. These include Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, UCL in the UK, University of California, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Salk Institute, Scripps Research Institute in the USA and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

In his time at Cardiff, Professor Song has already secured a number of major research grants. These include £1.5 million from the European Research Council on the use of stem cells in the treatment of spinal cord injuries – Cardiff’s first-ever award from the ERC.

The research involves the optimization of the most appropriate nanomaterial scaffold to accommodate transplanted stem cells, investigates the guidance cues regulating neural stem cells behaviours, and ultimately explores the potential of neural stem cell replacement therapy in treating spinal cord injury. Over the next five years, the project aims to establish the foundation and strategies of a stem cell replacement therapy in treating spinal cord injury.