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Research News Leads Questionnaire

In order for us to gauge the newsworthiness of your research, so that it may be considered for publicity opportunities, please answer the questions below in as much details as possible:

1. In 'lay' terms, what is the research about?

2. What prompted this work?

3. What is the take home message of this research? Why is it important? What is new about it? i.e. Benefits! How might society/the public/industry ultimately benefit from your research? What is its broader likely impact?

4. How might this research help to raise the profile of your School and the University?

In what way (if any) does this research represent 'a first', biggest/smallest, unique, unusual? Or what impact will this work have amongst your peers in other institutions or within your field of expertise?

5. Who does this research affect? (Who are the relevant audiences?)

6. Who else is involved in the research? (Please give names in full, and provide full explanation of any acronyms).

7. What most surprised you about your findings? Are you planning any future work in this area?

8. How is the research funded (£How much? From what sources?)  Who/which organisations (or individuals in particular) need to be credited/attributed in publicity?

9. Is there already any information published or available via the web relating to this research?

10.  Do you have any international/influential contacts, independent from the university, who might be able to offer a verbal endorsement of your work? 

Note: Please provide the name and contact details of the person (either yourself or a nominated colleague) who will be available to handle media enquiries or to give interviews. Please also attach any images that reflect the nature of your research.